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The Way We Burn

by Three For Silver

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twelve bells tell the time but my heart picks the key you need a place to hide? ask the lovers or the junkies there’s a riot in the town there’s a fire in the woods you know the saints, they’re gonna thank us for makin’ them look so good so give me one of the sour give me two of the sweet me three of the strong and four of the weak you’re five times damned, if you forget the spice we got six more hours till the dawns breakin’ light chorus because this time tomorrow i’ll be gone this time tomorrow you’ll be singin’ a very different song this time time tomorrow i’ll be gone what’s that you said? it’s better we stay together than go alone that first shot grazed but the second went through we may have survived but the poison’s in the wound and now I can’t live for tomorrow hell, I sure can’t live today so let them pay for our sorrows while we find a better way I need the heaven’s rust like I need the siren’s moan I need the thunder’s blood runnin’ naked down my throat and if that’s god in the hearth why’s the kettle so upset? if this engine doesn't start may the devil take you yet chorus light may shine but darkness spreads tonight we’ll speak with the voice of the dead flowers bloom vines curl let’s move with the rhythm that shakes the world chorus
the day is past and gone the evening shade appears oh may we all remember well the night of death draws near. we lay our garments down beside our bed to rest 'tis death will come disrobe us all of what we here possess
gold are the coins loud are the cheers could’ve made a week’s pay down at the pier ram down the cork know where it’s at you know those blue town dandies gonna get their spines cracked be close to your friends beware of yourself better cook me up some news or some gossip or else I like my facts rare I like my rumors bleeding We’re gonna feast on those words that don’t bear repeating chorus down in the cut nothing to do roll down the window let the light shine through down in the cut nowhere to go throw it into first and take it real slow I think that gun is wiser than the hand on it’s grip if you were never loved than you’ll never be missed I could win any game with those marbles in your head if you want to try your luck down at the bookie’s instead tear’s for the body, skull for the cap spit for the foam, eyes for the tap shore for the bar, shell for the cup the waves for music, and your life for good luck chorus down in the cut man's his own let it all ride on a game of pope joan down in the cut do you what you can i got the curse of scotland right here in my hand be not afraid, I die everyday buried billions of myselves know more than knowing can glean think more than thoughts can tell there is nowhere to go, no one to save you’d rather die in this life than live in a grave chorus down in the cut fire's deep blue and the gold, they're gonna make us all bleed down in the cut nothin to see you got to sell it all back to the company down in the cut nothing to do roll down the window let the light shine through down in the cut nowhere to go throw it into first and take it real slow
Wildwood 04:51
chorus come to the church of the wildwood come lay your reason down come to the church of the wildwood come where the lost are found there’s a light in the forest, it calls to you a darkness brighter than day hold me to the earth let your leaves push the sky away from springs fresh wood I’ll carve you old so you weather young in the rain your strength will feed us from the crows down to the clay chorus come to the church of the wildwood come lay your worries down come to the church of the wildwood come where the lost are found summer cracks you riverbed dry lightning burns in the west roots push up the weeds with a sigh but by fall there’s nothing left your cheeks blush autumn in the burning leaves the sap begins to cool in death you were not deceived but in life you may be fooled chorus come to the church of the wildwood come lay your hammers down come to the church of the wildwood come where the lost are found now your dreams freeze winter in the frostlight all snowflakes melt the same we snap your limbs in the cold nights to tap ice wine from your veins chorus come to the church of the wildwood come lay your reason down come to the church of the wildwood come where the lost are found
it’s a nickel past one more shot there’s a new moon hangin’ like a hole in the sky we’re on our way to forgetting but it gets easier every night it’s not the fall that kills you it’s not the lesson that learns it’s not the way we strike the match it’s the way we burn it’s a quarter past too far gone there is gun powder frozen in the ice it’s too late to thaw but it’s alright for dreaming tonight it’s not the words that warm you it’s not the sky that turns it’s not the way we fuel the fire it’s the way we burn hidden in cinders drowning in doubt your soul only weighs as much as what carves it out searching the smoulder mouthful of ash slow to start but burned out so fast whittle me down to a nib and write our end
Time Was 04:17
let the north be warmed by the wind of my breath let the east be darkened by my shadow let the south be cooled by the frost of my steps let the west be lightened by what I know chorus time was I’d rise every morning pick myself up off the floor time was I’d work till the evening but I don’t gotta work anymore I only need the silence to hear the hum of my blood I only need my name to tell you who I was I was only ever free to die no chance to change my luck maybe that’s the reason why my life has come unstuck from me now I’m the salt in the sea, the smoke on the breeze, the red on the leaves and if we met in that awkward moment between birth and death I suppose I was just the person I would be but now I’m everyone that I wasn’t before because I’ll die last in the hearts of those who love me chorus time was I knew where I was goin’ where I was from, what I was for time was I’d work to keep this engine runnin’ but I don’t gotta work anymore I worked hard to keep the sun on my face, wind at my back grass beneath my feet, and my blue skies stacked I had to lock every storm under my hat now I can only read my thoughts by the lightning’s flash Give me eyes to hear, ears to see the crowd for quiet, and solitude’s company What did I do? I did the best I could I never made a stand but at least I knew where I stood chorus time was I could see all the angles wait and laugh, I always knew the score time was I would work at my failures but I don’t gotta work anymore time was my blood would brown splashed on the rocks of the shore time was I’d work not to make a sound but I don’t gotta work anymore
there's a devil on my shoulder he looks mistaken like someone else's dream he says, "it’s alright, we'll be dancing tonight" There's an angel in your pocket she seems kinda lost like a southern bound wind she whispers, "it's ok, we'll dance the night away" But when I see the rain coming its sings the sweetest song and I know there's no reason to cry tonight but I feel so lonely inside I don't know what to do but I'll be here when the sun comes shining through There's a whisper in the darkness it calls me home to your loving arms I’ll be there soon with a vision in my mind it’s very subtle but when it comes my way why should I fight such a beautiful sight
Take Me Away 03:37
if you can follow then you can stray like a small dark light held against the day like the darkness that waits at the edge of your sight but don't be afraid remember you are the darkness as much as the light so don’t you pay to have me buried when I’ll burn for free I will rise from the earth as an old oak tree I’ll be twisting in the wind, moaning your name it’s understood every drink is gettin’ drunk in the rain chorus take me away from the things of man wash the flames from these burnin’ hands take me away from the things of man you give the world to the devil, he’s gonna treat it like hell it’s time you understand I wanna be in the place that good men won’t go you know the ocean is the king of every river because that water keeps low so why don’t you just cut me into pieces leave me out to dry let the ravens take me up into that hungry sky why was this game so hard to play? did I join to early, or just fold too late? chorus take me away from the things of man wash the flames from these burning hands take me away from the things of man you give the world to the devil, he’s gonna treat it like hell time to make a stand throw out the dice don’t expect to win I sweep out the dust but it settles back in
there’s no promise won’t stay kept no lie won’t stay told no vow won’t stay broke no joke won’t get old I try to let ‘em down easy all things seek their rest I tell you the farther from this life the nearer to the next when the tree’s are scratching on the full moon’s back when there’s eyes in the branches, and claws in the thatch when the stars are hiding, and the clouds are lyin’ down you’d better kneel in the mist put your ear to the ground chorus i tell you death is not the end as that dirty dust settles in it is there your reward begins i tell you death is not the end kids want their mothers mothers want their kids victims cry, “who dunnit?” it’s the killer know who did bitter sisters keep on fightin true lovers never tire while the cook says, “there’s always more room on the fire” chorus come join us, please join us we need no strength to carry on there is no rest for us because nothing is ever gone whether your cup runneth over or your well is runnin dry whether your fire is burnin low or there’s a redness in your sky you were made to cross the river made to wade up on this shore not like it’s something no one’s done before chorus
she hung the moon and the stars in the sky pushed up the mountains left the deserts out to dry she is a prayer upon my lips written on air and sent with this simple tune that I hope she will hear pulls back the blanket of the night let’s in the daylight like the sun was shining for you she hung the moon and the stars in the sky poured out the rivers taught the ravens how to fly she is a land without a map but I dont need a way back I’ll stay lost inside for good but it’s a deep and subtle game played it so hard you forget your own name not just the sand or the peal but the engine of the world and i’ll sing out until it gets through she hung the moon and the stars in the sky rolled out the field stirred the wind with a sigh she is the lock and the key conductor of the symphony that keeps the world in tune she hung the moon
I been away, lord knows goin’ down slow, we’ll meet at the close you know your streets are renamed, your people too they tell me everything’s changed but nothing’s new with a peace so deep feel like I could sing the whole world to sleep I travel with just my soul to keep as I head out on my own when the work is done I’ll rip the heart from the setting sun feed it to the moon as it rests on the deep I’m gonna you how bright you could never be chorus when the storm begins I’ll get up and take the wind they say that nothing ever ends I think that’s fair will I ever get beyond my own footsteps or hear a sound that isnt kept in the air open up won’t take a minute that lock is stuck, I got a key’ll fit it you wanna leave, but don’t wanna part that’s a pain lyin’ closer than the blood in your heart I’ve been away too long I’ve been alright, I’ve been all wrong I’ve dug through air and flown through the earth wanna meet me somewhere? how ‘bout the center of the earth! chorus I climb up high, seek rest, and find none I sink down low, seek friends, I find some my lord speaks to me through sermon’s of rust I send prayers of sweat, and sing psalms of blood string me up, put me to the wall through me from the tower, it’s not so far to fall push me in the flame, burn off the sin still you know I’ll be back again if it burns, let it burn if it bleeds, let it bleed when you’re lost it’s then you’ll recieve this red candle and a bag of fast luck I gotta grow old, I don’t gotta grow up chorus lose me choose me run your knives right through me let your words confuse me till we can let go
black velveteen, sweet marceline i'll never know what could have been if i should go, if i should turn tend to your wounds, soothing the burn come out and play sweet adelaide but you'll never know how sweet is the day if i should go, if i should turn tend to my wounds, soothing the burn When he looks up does he just see distance and shadow, light in the shade? and when touching wind and whispers am I losing?


Three For Silver's new album The Way We Burn is a testament to their endless grind. In 2014 the band met Adam Lansky (tracking/mixing engineer) and a conversation was begun that would culminate in these sessions. Lansky is a renegade audio engineer, a devoted freak in his own right, with one eye on his mic gain and another on his cache of survival gear, waiting for the day when civilization finally gives up the ghost. He has devoted himself to what some call “field recording”, but could more accurately be described as capturing music out in the wild, away from studios, in the nooks and crannies where it’s most likely to breed and grow. He’s a big game hunter armed with mics and preamps instead of guns and traps.

Together, him and the band formed a vision of an album that would capture the wild tangle of Three For Silver’s sound. Recorded from a dank basement to a cloud-capped stone observatory, from a silent river home to an empty piano warehouse, The Way We Burn marks a new generation in album production, and a band of people that is more than just one sound or one style.

Whether live or on their new record, Three For Silver is a band for this moment, when it is hard to imagine the future and all too easy to focus on the past, when the rules no longer seem to apply, and when what you never thought possible is the only choice you’ve got.


released September 1, 2017

produced by Three For Silver and Adam Lansky
engineered, mixed, mastered by Adam Lansky
executive produced by Alekh Bhurke


all rights reserved



Three For Silver Bellingham, Washington

made up music played on made up instruments by made up people


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