When I Met A Narrow Fellow (Halloween 2016)

by Three For Silver



Here's a free spooky little treat to liven up your Halloween festivities,
with lyrics inspired by / based upon
Emily Dickinson's "The Snake"
...also Satan

Happy Halloween!


I met a narrow fellow
combing through the grass
On his lips a question,
his first and my last
Do you want to see a whiplash
unbraiding in the sun?
Do you want to hear the music
of the world to come?

Some beg for mercy
Some never think to ask
I let him ride away with me
when I met that narrow fellow in the grass

I was drowning in sunshine
So I baled out some hay
I lit up a drain pipe
and I smoked my cares away
I've drank a boggy acre
I've licked the boiling sun
When the Gods go a'riding,
boys, there's nothing can't be done

Time waits for no man.
and I felt my time had passed
So I made sure to answer
when I met that narrow fellow in the grass

So many of nature's people
I know and they know me
We laugh at our differences
and marvel at our similarities

But I've never met this fellow, attended or alone,
without a tighter breathing,
and zero at the bone


released October 24, 2016
Lucas Warford: vocals, bass banjo, percussion

All technical feats of recording accomplished by Three For Silver




Three For Silver Portland, Oregon

made up music played on made up instruments by made up people


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